Thank you for downloading the AWMag Events app! This app is intended to be an extension of our events section in our print publication, Allegheny West Magazine. Use it to browse and choose from a wide array of  happenings in western Allegheny County. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the app and answers to some questions you may have while using it:

Curating events

When you come across an event that's of interest, you can  save it directly to your personal calendar by pressing the "+" sign in the toolbar. This will copy the event, along with the date, time and details, into your personal calendar. Note, however, that if any changes are made to the event, including any cancellations, this will not be reflected in your personal calendar. Therefore, we also recommend when adding events to your calendar that you save events to your My Events section by pressing the star button adjacent to the "+" sign, as events saved to your My Events section will reflect any changes made to them. You can then refer back to My Events to check on the status of any events that you have added to your calendar. 

Some sections are connected to web pages with calendars

Not all sections have a  calendar feed streamed right to the app. Some sections, like our libraries section, redirect to various organizations' mobile websites with their own calendars. These sections will open a mobile version of these calendars directly in the app. While not ideal, this was done to ensure that users are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information. In some cases, where there are lots of events that all require registration on a website that you'll have to visit anyway, this method just made the most sense. Still, the app keeps all of these resources in one place. We'll be looking for ways to integrate these calendars right into the app in the future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we're clearly listing any sections that open a website within the app with "(web)."

Check out the Upcoming section for upcoming events

When you open the app it will open to the Upcoming section, which lists upcoming events across multiple categories. Use this section to get a quick glance at what's coming up in the near future.

Submitting events

Have an event you think we should list? Let us know by hitting the Submit an Event button near the top of the navigation bar. Fill out the form and we'll evaluate it to see if it's appropriate for our listings.

Registering for events

Very few of the events and programs listed in this app require registration. We did this on purpose so there would be minimal work involved when you want to attend an event. Just add it to your calendar and drop right in. Still, read the description to find out if there are any registration requirements. For those events, we've listed contact information or a website link where you can register. For nearly all events, we've included contact information where questions can be directed. Please do not reach out to us to inquire about event details or to register for an event. We'll just direct you to the contact information listed in the event. 

Notice something that doesn't seem right or have a suggestion?

If, however, we have neglected to list registration or contact information for an event - or if you see any details listed that you think are incorrect - please let us know by emailing:

The same goes for any suggestions you may to help us improve the overall experience of the app. We appreciate your input!

Our print publication

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