Doug Hughey on 08/20/2020

Go Fossil Hunting in Collier

The June edition of Allegheny West Magazine contained many day trip ideas that were safe to take during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s another local one: go fossil hunting and hiking at Fossil Cliffs in Collier Township. This unique fossil hunting area is located just a few miles from Oakdale and can be accessed from the Panhandle Trail. It’s a bit back in the woods but clear paths lead the way to it. Depending on which route you take, though, you may encounter some steep climbs and there’s some uneven terrain throughout. The paths that link the Panhandle Trail with Fossils Cliff are part of a larger trail network that’s worthy of its own day trip.

D Doug Hughey
Pat Jennette on 06/17/2020

Camping is still king, particularly in the COVID world

With the world at a standstill, travel is no different. Taking a plane trip is nearly next to impossible. The cruise industry is still closed. Train rides and bus rides, if even available, are long and not social distance friendly. Tours are all but cancelled for the season. What’s left? The Great American LOCAL Road Trip!

P Pat Jennette